AZ-103 - Microsoft Azure Administrator: how to prepare

Guys in this post I want to complement for you how I will prepare for the AZ-103 exam: Microsoft Azure Administrator.

First of all I must say that the exam is super level, but if you have no experience with Azure, I suggest you go to the AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals exam.

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Without further ado let's go

Race Structure

The Exam is structured as follows:

  • Scenario Study
  • General inquiries
  • Case study

Scenario Study

This is the most "tricky" part of the exam because you will receive a unique scenario. Upon this scenario you will receive a hypothesis with a possible solution and your duty is to know if that hypothesis satisfies the scenario or not.

Practical example (try to see the answers only after completing the two scenarios presented):

Well, the worst part of the test is that the “return” button will not be available. you must have realized that on purpose the first question the answer was that the scenario did not answer and on the second question the scenario answered.

Be prepared for questions like this, it will be two or three questions exploring the same scenario and with different hypotheses.

General inquiries

About the general questions, there were around 40 questions for me and on the exam page you can find out what topics are required knowledge.

From here be familiar with:

  • Virtual Machines (SLAs, Disk Types and Cach, Deploy VMs with ARM Templates)
  • Storage Accounts (Azure File Sync, Hot, Cool and Archive Layers, Replication types - Local, Zone or Geographic)
  • Virtual Network (Point-to-Site VPN, Site-to-Site, Vnet Peering, Network security group, Azure Traffic Manager profiles, IP address settings, Network Interface, Azure Load Balancer (Internal and external)
  • Azure Backup (Storage account backup and File Share backup, Backup policies on Azure Virtual Machines, Local replication and geographic replication
  • Azure Active Directory (Directory Functions, Azure AD Connect, PassThrough Authentication, very little about conditional Access)

These are the core contents and having an initial understanding of them is enough for you to do well enough.

About study references, I recommend (all links open a new window):

Case study

Finally, the test ends with around 5 questions regarding a migration scenario to the cloud.

You need to understand how a layered application works, how you can ensure isolation in each layer using Network Security Groups. In the aspect of network topology, you need to identify if you will need more than 1 single virtual network to divide the layers of your application (Spoiler Alert, no).

And the best places to get an understanding of solution architecture in Azure are:

What if I want to pay?

Well, there are paid course options and one of the main ones I recommend for self-taught people is Pluralsight.

There is already a certification path complete the AZ-103 exam given by highly qualified MCTs. I highly recommend taking a look at their Learning Path. You can access clicking here.


Now it's up to you. Take the time to study the content very calmly. The purpose of the exam is to check if you have the skills to be able to manage an Azure environment in production, so you don't need to be an expert on all the technologies presented here.

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